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Consulting with a homeopathic veterinary surgeon

Homeopathic treatment will typically consist of two or more consultations, depending on the severity and duration of the complaint.

During the initial homeopathic consultation, which lasts up to one hour, Lise uses her skills both as a veterinary surgeon and a homeopath when approaching the case. She will carefully study the animal's health records, working closely with the vet in charge of the conventional care of the patient. Through conversation with the main carer of the animal as well as observation and examination of the patient a wealth of information is collected and translated into a homeopathic prescription.

During the following weeks, the animal's reaction to the remedy is closely followed and recorded by the carer of the animal. The outcome is assessed at the follow up consultation, which will typically take place after about 4 weeks.

One hour for an initial consultation and 30 minutes for a follow up visit- this is a very long time compared to a typical conventional veterinary consultation lasting around 10 minutes. This difference reflects the corner stone of homeopathy: individuality. It is important for a homeopath to take the time to get to know the patient thoroughly. Lise feels strongly that this process cannot be rushed without compromising the quality of her prescriptions. Furthermore, Lise will often spend another hour analyzing and planning her management of the case after the patient has left the clinic. Classical homeopathy is indeed very time-consuming, limiting greatly the number of patients a practitioner can see in a day.

Please understand, therefore, that we may not be able to offer you an appointment immediately. Follow-up visits for existing patients will always be given priority, but please book early. If we cannot offer you an appointment for a new patient, please bear with us. We will offer you a place on a waiting list or direct you to another veterinary homeopath.

If you wish to contact Lise Hansen directly prior to making an appointment or to discuss any queries you may have during treatment, please email Lise Hansen

Please refer to "The remedy" for advice on how to administer and store homeopathic medicine.


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